Spending good money on a pair of sneakers that you have to get rid of after a few wears is definitely nothing to be happy about (especially in this covid times)

We have all had to give up our sneakers at some point because of the infamous yellow sole stain that just won’t go away. Well no more, we have curated few ways you can get your shoe close enough to new.


But first, why are the soles yellow? 

Whether your sneakers are worn often or not, the yellowing stain caused by a process caused OXIDATION is inevitable. Oxidation is the addition of oxygen to a substance, when compounds lose electrons the level of oxides are increased. In other words, deposit such as sweat or moisture and dirt can oxidize a white sneakers thereby causing yellowing.

Now that we know who the culprit is, let’s see how we can combat it...


How to clean and prevent the yellow stain on sneakers.

Preventing your soles from oxidizing;

  • Clean your shoes regularly after each wear
  • Avoid leaving dirt on them for too long
  • Stay off grasses!
  • If the weather forecast says there is a high chance it would rain, leave your sneakers on the shelf! Remember to keep your shoes away from water.

Cleaning your soles if oxidized 

By using a few household item, your YELLOWED shoe soles can be restored to its old glory.

  • A mix of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda: Make a paste out of equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda then apply and brush on your shoe sole with a hard bristle toothbrush for a couple of minutes. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, rinse and check results. Repeat if necessary.


  • Using a toothpaste: Using an old toothbrush, scrub the affected part with a toothpaste and leave on for a few minutes. Clean and repeat process until satisfied.


  • Using an equal amount of bleach and water: Just like your white clothes, bleach is capable of cleaning it as well as possible, repeat process as stated earlier but be careful as it can leave an even permanent stain on your sneakers if not diluted well enough. 

Alternatively, you can try scrubbing with a diluted white vinegar and a hard bristle brush


With our guides, now you know how to prevent sole yellowing and how to clean it if it ever occurs.

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Amazing information for shoe lovers.keep sharing.

mdshoe May 23, 2023

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