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Caring for your feet does not start and end with wearing beautiful shoes, there are other things you should know.

If you spend most of your days in high heels, socks or even gym shoes without practicing self-care, your feet could be more susceptible to bacterial or fungal infection, calluses, athlete’s foot and bad odor if they aren’t properly taken care of.

Often ignored, feet care is just as important as a facial and with the help of the post, you won’t have to wait till your next pedicure appointment to take care of your feet.


            Why feet care is so important?

  • It gives bacteria and fungi no breeding space
  • Feet care is just as important as any self-care because the feet simply can’t (shouldn’t) be ignored.
  • It combats and prevents bad odors 
  • With proper knowledge of feet care, you’ll be able to prevent blisters or lesions and even if they still occur, you’ll have an insight on how to treat them.


           How to take care of the feet.

  • Never wear shoes that are not well fitted: wearing shoes a size can cause blisters which could ultimately lead to lesions if popped.
  • Maintain excellent hygiene by washing and cleaning your feet properly with antibacterial soap and a pedicure brush.
  • Always dry your feet properly as fungus tend to grow and flourish in moist areas (i.e in between toes)
  • Apply foot cream or a quality moisturizer before wearing your socks. However, you shouldn’t sleep with socks  every night especially if you live in the part of the world where the weather is mostly hot.
  • You can apply petroleum jelly to heal dry, cracked feet.
  • Essential oils such as peppermint, lavender and tea tree oil can also heal cracked feet.
  • Removing dead skin: Moisturizing dead skin would make no difference so exfoliating once a month would get rid of them. That is, don’t skip your pedicure sessions.
  • Avoid wearing high heels every day, every now and then you can alternate between a flat or some brogues to relieve the tissues and ligaments of your feet.
  • Nobody likes ashy feet in a beautiful shoe so wear socks when you can as they help shield our feet from environmental damages like dust, dirt and UV radiation that can cause discoloration.
  • What is feet care without your toenails??? Always ensure that you cut your toenails short (but not too short)to better combat infection.
  • Never pop out faux nails, get that done professionally.
  • Check regularly for changes like cuts, bruises, itchiness and infected toenails.


                   When you should see a doctor

The feet is an area in the body that is prone to infection; occupational activities, sport activities and our lifestyle, in general, can further influence that.

Here are some of the common infections.

-Athlete’s foot: This is a fungal infection that affects mostly the toes. It flourishes more in moist spots and could also be influenced by heat as well.

-Blister: A popped blister becomes a lesion that should be taken care of as a minor wound to promote healing and prevent infection.

-Bunions: This is the swelling of the joints especially the base of the toes. It can be caused by wearing tight fitted heels. It can however be Hereditory

       Hope this has been helpful; feel free to make a video and tag us when you try out all our tips using the hashtag #shoepifiedwoman. : )



Disclaimer: Opinions and information provided in this article are of the writer after careful research, you should however see a doctor when you feel the need to.

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