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Article: Ultimate Guide To Suede Care | How To Clean And Maintain Suede Shoes

Ultimate Guide To Suede Care | How To  Clean And Maintain Suede Shoes

Ultimate Guide To Suede Care | How To Clean And Maintain Suede Shoes

Suede is a special type of leather. It is animal hide that's been sanded on the inner layer for a velvety, textured feel and appearance. While suede certainly has a velvety, rich appearance, it's equally undeniable that it stains, scuffs, and flattens easily which makes it hard to care for and less durable than leather. That's why it's so important to know how to take care of suede.

       In this article, we’ll be sharing our go-to methods for cleaning suede shoes (and even removing stains from suede sneakersankle boots, and other tricky-to-clean footwear!). We’ll go over regular cleaningremoving small stains, and even removing tough grime. Trust us, you’ll know everything you need to know about how to clean suede shoes and keep them looking their best after you read these tips.

    A periodic brush and cleaning will keep your suede shoes as fine as the day you bought it .But even more importantly, you need to treat any wear-and-tear on suede promptly to avoid permanent stains or damage to the material. While it's not really difficult to clean and care for suede, it does take more attention than many other types of leather, which is why we decided to lay out the proper way to care for your suede shoes.
      The best way to keep your suede shoes looking good is with regular preventative care. While as a general rule, you should leave suede garments at home on days when rain is in the forecast, inevitably at some point you'll be caught in an unexpected shower, step in a puddle, or walk across wet grass. That's why suede footwears should be treated with a water-repelling spray.
   To be safe, first test the spray in an inconspicuous area. If all is well, go ahead and apply the spray all over your suede shoes or other suede items, and let it dry completely. While you still should avoid water while wearing suede, the protectant will greatly diminish the chances of staining should the suede get wet. 
    Secondly, a good, hard suede brush will be your right hand when it comes to restoring your shoes. Majority of the time, the discolorations and shiny spots on your suede will be surface-level. Regularly brushing your shoes down will revitalize them instantly and it’s the best way to keep suede looking good and remove dust or light stains. Also, brush the suede thoroughly all over the surface, working in back-and-forth motions only. Don't make circles or push the nap into different directions. When you brush, it does appear to change the color, but that’s just the nap fluctuating (just like what happens when you run your hand over a suede or velvety couch).
       For very tough stains the best method is to use a solution of two parts water, one part white vinegar. Apply a small amount of the solution with a soft rag or a towel, and then let it dry. Once it's dry, go over it lightly with your suede brush.
     Also for
For Bad Scuffs, Use a Knife.Scuffs on suede are generally nothing more than a spot on the grain that has gotten too matted down. Sometimes, a suede brush won't do the trick. When that happens, try scraping a knife (very carefully) over the area to lift the nap. If you're worried about using a knife on your precious shoes (which is understandable) you can also try using a pencil eraser. There are also suede-specific erasers that you can try.   In case all of the above don’t work and the stain just isn’t coming off, we strongly advise that you try professional cleaning.
      As regards storage, there are two main issues to watch out for when storing your suede: (a) direct sunlight and (b) a lack of air circulation. So you ought to keep them in a cool, dry place that doesn't receive sunlight. Suede that's left exposed to the sun can shrink, fade or harden. Avoid wrapping the items in plastic as well. The fibers in the suede need some breathing room. However, if you don't plan to wear your suede footwear for quite some time, you can either, store them in a dust bag or wrap them in tissue paper and then store in a shoebox.
    In conclusion, you need to remember always that a well kept Suede is a luxury. Whether or not this guide is worth following is solely up to you. The lasting impact of suede is what you're after. Suede is awesome to wear and it’ll probably be the case for many years to come.

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How To Care For Suede Shoes?
Caring for your suede shoes is essential to maintaining their appearance and longevity. Here are some tips on how to properly care for your beloved suede footwear.

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