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The “Slayer” Mules

It is so glaring that mules have come into our lives to stay. Dating back to ancient Rome where it was worn among top dignitaries. Mules back then worked as slippers but as of now, various styles and designs have been incorporated to make them perfect & fitting for the ever changing trends.

 You can never go wrong with mules, they’re suitable for all occasions and give an added sense of luxury to whatever outfit you’re wearing, and to top it all, they’re convenient and easy to slip on and off. They also come in different styles; backless or with a sling back.

They can be switched up or dressed down depending on the look you want to achieve, this is why we’ve named this the Slayer Mules, perfect for any occasion because you will always slay in them.


The  “Interview Loafer

Loafers are a wardrobe staple that one needs to have in the closet, it's a classic shoe that has withstood the test of time. The design has been tweaked over the years but it’s still as popular as ever with ranges of design available to both men and women.

Loafers are very stylish and these days they come with intricate detailing like metals and tassels while being super comfortable. They are easy to wear as they do not require a lacing or fastening closure. Dress shoes are commonly referred to as such because they have a professional appearance and can never go wrong for special occasions.

They’ve earned their title as the interview loafers because you’d stand out wearing them and you appear confident.


The “Comfort-First” Pumps

Comfort pumps are different from normal pumps, they are pain-free compared to regular pumps that add pressure to the ankle and foot during prolonged wearing. Comfort pumps contain a soft padded insole for comfort and are lightweight to absorb shock and to top it off they’re sturdy which provides stability and traction while working or standing for long hours.

We’ve named them comfort- first pumps because the sole aim is to provide comfort and they come with added advantages- they make you look elegant, attractive which in turn brings out your confidence. What’s not to love about comfort pumps?


Sneaker Mom

Sneakers are certainly redefining the word comfort in every aspect. They give an active lifestyle look. If you have errands to run and activities to catch up on, you can never go wrong wearing Sneakers. They are very easy and comfortable to wear making them the ideal choice for anyone – especially moms.

They provide good cushioning by supporting your soles allowing you to engage in physical activity or moving around. They come in a wide array of styles for different kinds of occasions which includes but is not limited to casual walks in the park or to exercise. They’re breathable which helps air circulate round the feet to prevent feet odour or infection.






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