Tired of The Same Boring Look? Switch Up Your Shoe Game

Nothing gives mixed feelings like those shoes you know have served you for long but are still pretty decent so you are constantly alternating between giving them away and wanting to hold on to them, tightly. As always, we have the answer.

For as low as N2,800 you can change your style...

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Brooches are shoe clips made of metal and faux rhinestones which adds that extra flair to those plain shoes by making them new and glamorous.Metal clips that do not hurt your feet or damage your shoes,these accessories are very easy to use; one simple clip and you are all set.
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How to style the shoe brooches;

  • With Classic Pumps: As easy to use as the hair clips,our gemini black brooch which can be styled with a black or nude pair of shoes is capable of turning that regular pumps into a minimalist but fancy shoe.

Crystal shoe brooches

For owambe weekends: What’s a weekend without owambe? With our taurus butterfly brooch which is fancy enough for that wedding or christening,you can easily add that extra flair to those old pair of shoes.Perfect for last minute style ideas.
women's SHoe brooches in abuja
 Our brooches can add that feminine and versatile look to your sneakers and flats as well.They can be styled in different ways,how and where you clip them depends on how you are feeling!
woemn's sneakers brooch in lagos
With work shoes: Ideal for switching up looks for lunch dates and date nights after work,the pisces rectangular brooch can jazz up a ‘once work appropriate shoe’ into a beautiful date shoe.
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The unique design and features of our brooches not only make them different, they are also firm and durable.Get the value of two when you buy any of these brooches here

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We preach minimalism, we walk the talk...




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