As an Editor and style curator, the difficult task of the job comes with choosing whether to shop items on my wishlist or stay on my budget for the month. With a lot of trial and error,I have navigated that path a couple ways and managed my budget while still staying in style;here are a few effective ones...

  • DECLUTTER YOUR WARDROBE: It is a lot easier to know items you really need when you let go of the ones you don’t need. It really makes your shopping and styling a lot easier.



  • KEEPING IT SIMPLE: By keeping your styling simple,you’re not only taking a page out of the french fashion book,you’re staying elegant while not over-shopping and  maintaining your budget as well.



  • WHEN IT COMES TO ACCESSORIES,LESS IS MORE: Although the trend at the moment includes stacking jewelries (and you can always do that) but if your budget for the time won’t work with should consider letting go of all the extra stuff. A set of bangles and earrings like Sharon Ooja did below would suffice.




  • Choose synthetic leather over cotton or canvas bag: Here at Shoepify,it’s ‘always’ longevity and quality over quantity. If you’re looking to shop for a bag,a synthetic leather(with the right care and storage)works just as fine as a real leather would.


  • FOLLOW TRENDS LESS AND WEAR TIMELESS PIECES:  Timeless pieces are the one guaranteed way you can stay on your budget. When you simply shop for ‘great’ items rather than ‘trendy’ ones,you can wear them at anytime of the year or the next without having to worry about it going out of style. For reference,a black mules would always be in style rather than a random pair by a famous designer.


  • Invest in good quality shoes: Although saving is important,buying good quality is more important. The same ol’ rule applies as well... would you rather keep buying the same paper pair for cheap or one good pair that would last a good time.


  • STOCK UP ON BASICS: With basics,mix and matching gets a lot better.  Basic pieces work well with an array of fashion items- a t-shirt would work fine with a sweat pant,a jean or even denim skirts if the occasion arises. More fits for more occasions.

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