These are Shoepify Editors’ top pick.

Every shipment features some of the trendiest and most exciting products and that always  births the difficult task of narrowing down our favorites of the time. Nevertheless, some items definitely left their touch on us. Here’s a rundown of the week’s editors favorite.


In Easy slip on style,these mules are an absolute fav.

These were no doubts made for comfort with those cylindrical heels of its. And that makes it the perfect pair for every weekend outfit.



The diamanté style of this glam pair from Quiz has to be why it is so popular among our editors and customers . In asymmetric style with a shimmer finish,this is definitely a showstopper.



When the goal is to stand out,this is the IT bag!

As a result of its tote design,it is a perfect fit for a trip to the beach or a beautiful combination with a sundress.


In a similar style as the cult favorite ‘mach and mach’-with its pointed toe and ankle strap style this is the perfect option if you’re looking to whet your desires of a ‘go-to ‘ pair for most occasions.



It’s quite evident that this editor’s pick consists of more diamanté embellished and studded pairs but why not?

The shimmer,the better!

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