How To Walk Comfortably In Stilettos.

As a shoe retail brand,a certain observation is that a lot of women are wary of stilettos because they have been deemed uncomfortable but to debunk that,they aren’t as bad as you may think. Walking in stilettos can be tricky but on this blogpost are few tips that can ensure the learning process is a lot smoother and you certainly would be strutting the runways in no time(honestly,Yes). :)

Here are some below;



When you wear stilettos,take your time!

Instead of your normal stride length,shorten it and walk from heel to toe.

That ensures even distribution of your weight and takes off a little bit of pressure.



Once you put on that gorgeous heels,relax!

Don’t overthink it,don’t try too hard as well because then,you would be putting a lot of pressure on yourself and that can make your walk look really funny.




Wondering why lace-up is a staple item for every collector? Here’s why!

If you want to wear a stiletto but want to feel extra secure,try one with straps.

Although straps do not exactly provide extra balance,it however keeps your feet from sliding or slipping which in turn make you feel more stable.



Honestly,these tips won’t matter if you don’t wear the right sizes ladies!

When your body weight fluctuates,your shoe size can grow or shrink as well therefore it is crucial to wear the right size so walking can be a lot easier.

However,if you have an old pair that won’t fit properly,you should try our T-shaped shoe pads for a change.



Stilettos are really gorgeous but can also be quite tricky and that’s why learning would require patience with enough practice Hopefully,these tips have helped.

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