Let Them Breathe....

Our last post made us realize that quite a number of people store their shoes in boxes. Now, the challenge is, for how long?

Shoes kept in airtight boxes for a long period at a stretch tend to crumble, moulds and moisture build up in your shoes, the glue and soles will eventually dry out, and cause your shoes to fall apart and the heels to break away
Now, this mostly has nothing to do with the price of the shoes, some just take longer to fall apart than the others.

Cardboard shoeboxes or plastic shoeboxes are not the safest ways to store your shoes, long term and If you absolutely have to keep your shoes in boxes, wrap them in chemical-free papers (tissue will do just fine) and keep them in the boxes.

Apart from the fact that your shoes can get damaged when stored in boxes long term, do you know that out of sight is out of mind? Especially if you are a collector. You have a lot of pairs so you don’t even remember some of them but when you store them on racks, they are easily accessible and you can see them often and wear them.
Lastly, please take out time to air them often and avoid keeping them under direct sunlight.
You work hard for your money and spend a lot on shoes, you should get total value for them.
If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section.
Peace, Love & Stay Safe ❤️ #Shoepify

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